International Thank You Day 2023 – African Community Centre

A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers, funders, staff, trustees, partners and everyone else who played a role in helping us make a difference. With your support, we’re proud to say that we’re changing lives through our educational programs for people of all ages and abilities. From English language classes to citizenship education and information on health issues, we strive to break down barriers, promote participation, and foster community cohesion. Additionally, the ACC provides therapy, well-being, and emotional support for children, young people and adults.
We are committed to working together to meet the mental health needs of our community in Wales. Our clients have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, whether they’re educational, therapeutic, artistic, social or just plain fun. Together we are fostering a sense of belonging and integration within cultures and the local #communities in #Wales.

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Tags: Asylum Seekers, Mental Health

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