List of Activities

ACC Women Only Fitness Club

With support from Street games, the Healthy Spinning Exercise is a project with vision to
ensure that women from black and Ethnic Minority in our community stay healthy and have
good wellbeing by engaging in basic exercise routine. The aim is to encourage and support
this part of our community who have interest in doing basic exercise but prefer a private and
safe space.
Over a short period of time this initiative has grown considerably with the support of like-
minded partners and increase demand by women in the community who have made this
initiative as part of their weekly routine. The introduction of the Zumba sessions also played
a vital role in this project as the most attended sessions till date.
We also added table tennis as part of our weekly engagements with sessions split into women
only, men only and mixed sessions each taking place on different days to promote fitness.

ACC Men Group

We have also set up a Men’s only support group with the aim of creating a networking
framework to support and help each other in the community. These sessions are supposed to
promote wellbeing and facilitate connections that would be beneficial in all facets of life.
We run workshops for employability, entrepreneurship, wellbeing talks, walks, Games and
other activities alike

Amateur Football Club

ACC Football Club

At the African community centre, we believe sport is a universal language and our football
team is a perfect example of how sports especially football can serve as a medium to bring
people together regardless of their backgrounds and we understand that there will be barriers
to participation hence we provide a holistic framework to facilitate interest of community
members to fully participate.
To encourage participation, we practise once every week and are registered in the Swansea
senior league where we compete at a very high level.

ACC’S Youth Football Session

Similar to the value and objectives of the senior team, the youth football practise session also
serves as a medium bring young kids together to improve and develop their athleticism and
ultimately have fun and make friends. Our session runs once every week with an experienced
coach who facilitates and teaches the young people the beautiful game of football and all the
resilience, team work and all other benefits of playing sports in a structured environment.


Over the course of the year, we organise Workshops especially during the holidays to engage
young people when they are not in school, we run workshops like the speaking and writing
workshops, Confidence building workshops, Math skill and numeracy workshops, Science
workshops, Arts and craft and a lot more. We put of various workshops all year to find out
about the workshops and how to register your interest, contact the office

Family Fundays

The African Community Centre Family Fun Day is all about celebrations and community
gathering that brings families together from all works of life for a day filled with joy,
laughter, happiness and sense of community.

This activities ranges from Beach days, Cinema days, Sports day, Trips to Oakwood, Trips to
Folly farms.

Some of the Family fun day events are also hosted at the Freedom leisure centre (LC2) and
other establishments with alot of facilities and activities for the attendees to enjoy, members
of our community: fathers, mothers, young people and children all had an activity to take part
in to make sure everyone in attendance had fun.