Welcome to African Community Centre

The ACC is committed to breaking down barriers, promoting participation and community cohesion as well as facilitating a better understanding of African culture within our local community.


The African Community Centre (ACC) Wales is a registered charity which operates across Wales. We welcome all people, especially Africans born in Africa, African Caribbean’s and British Africans who are currently resident in Wales. ACC aim to provide advice and support to enable you to better settle into the local community.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a learning and information service to help all Africans to enrich the local community and provide seminars and organise discussions on a variety of health issues.
  • set up a central meeting point and a drop in centre to welcome all Africans and other communities.
  • To promote the welfare of people of African origin residing in Wales and its surroundings.

Some of our current and past projects

Diversity in Development- the story of the Windrush Project

On Friday 17th August, the African Community Centre through the Windrush Intergenerational Project celebrated the lives of elders.

The project sought to bridge the knowledge gap between the older and younger generations especially regarding passing down culture, tradition, journeys, settlement and other experiences. All this along with recording and documenting the amazing contributions to the UK and to Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot were skills learnt by the young people.

In total, the project celebrated the lives of ten elders, a combination of the Windrush generation and persons whose contributions have made South Wales a multicultural society.


The African Community Centre is very grateful to all its funders past and present who fund or have funded the charity’s core work, projects and to deliver the services that we do. Many have supported us over a number of years and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them towards a shared vision.