WINDRUSH Intergenerational Project

WINDRUSH Intergenerational project records the culture, journey and settlement of people from the West Indies who came and settled in Swansea and surrounding areas in the 50’s and 60’s. Many of these Windrush people are from Jamaica and are reaching a great age. They are keen to tell their stories and experiences to young people from the African Community Centre and others in Swansea. The young people are taught how to use interview techniques and filming in order to capture the culture, lives, challenges, journeys and personal experiences of the Windrushers in settling, living and working in Swansea. The project also has a heritage partner – the wonderful and newly refurbished Glyn Vivian Art Gallery. Here young people can explore the arts and use the facilities to enhance the project. We have also partnered with the famous Tata Steel in Port Talbot where some of the Windrush people were employed and whose business and world reputation will hopefully inspire young people in future ambitions for career choices.


It’s been inspiring to say the least listening to the rich and powerful stories of our amazing heroes who arrived Swansea, Neath and Port-Talbot in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s!

They were part of building Our Wales! Their values and hard work is forever impressed upon us; in the Health sector, in Tata Steel, the bridges of Swansea, local coffee shops and the beautiful rich cultures, food and integration that we now see and experience every day and around us! We are still searching for more stories, we are gathering them and we want to preserve them because the future must learn about and celebrate our heroes for their sacrifices!

Do you know anyone from the West Indies who arrived Swansea, Neath and Port-Talbot in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s? Do they want to share their experiences with us?

Funded by Young Roots Heritage Lottery

Arts skill training

Photos of young people learning sketching and painting taught by our lead artist Tim Stokes

BHM Presentation

The young people delivered presentations at the Pentrehafod school showcasing the interviews they collected on the Windrush elders and sharing the skills they learnt in filming and mixing paint.

Jamaican Independence

Photos from the celebration of Jamaican Independence on the 6th of August 2017 organised by Jamaican Jills in Swansea. It was a colourful day and brilliant display of Caribbean food, music and costumes. Our Elders and young people enjoyed the day.

National Museum Tour

Trip to the National Museum in Cardiff on a tour of the back of house where the young people learn a lot about the collections especially those from the African and Caribbean countries. We then had a workshop afterwards to discuss interpretation of the objects which we related to how we collect and interpret the stories of the Windrushian

Oral History Training

Oral history workshop to learn how to record histories and types of video recording formats.

Trip to St Fagans

The young people had a lovely time at St Fagans.

Trip to Margam Park

Trip to Margam park to visit the places one of the Windrush elders spent his free time in the 70’s and 80’s with his family

Arts Award Evidence

Young people working hard at evidence gathering for their arts awards. 5 of the young people achieved the Bronze arts awards Video of interview with Tamara Madden The young people identified Tamara Madden as their arts inspiration for their arts award. Tamara granted the young people a skype interview where they asked her questions about her career, migration from Jamaica to the US and settling in a new country etc. Tamara was so gracious to share with them and they learnt a lot from her interview. One of the young people created a replication of one of Tamara's art piece (Masuma's recreation of Tamara's art).

Unfortunately, Tamara passed on in November of 2017. All of at the ACC are grateful to have been inspired by Tamara and her work, she will live on in our hearts.


On Friday 17th August, the African Community Center (ACC) held a celebration event to showcase the journeys to the UK, challenges and contributions of the Windrush elders from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic as they settled in Wales in the 50’s, 60’s and later.

These stories were documented entirely by young people. While documenting the contributions of the elders, this project also celebrated the diverse contributions they have made to building South Wales. In attendance was the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan,
The event drew many from the West Indian communities, other community member and organisations, High Sheriff of West Glamorgan, Henry Gilbert and the Lord Mayor of Swansea, David Phillips.

You can download the booklet we produced.
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