Our aim is to offer each Refugee and Asylum Seeking child or young person, free, one to one, confidential play therapy/counselling with a specialist trauma therapist in a safe, creative and supportive environment in which the child or young person can express themselves through play to help better understand their thoughts, feelings and experiences and for them to feel empowered enough to deal with their psychological distress.

We focus on understanding the needs of each refugee and asylum seeking child or young person and take into account any previous trauma, fear that they may have regarding lack of safety, loss of home and the significant issues that currently affect them. Within offering each child and young person a safe, creative and supportive environment, they will feel able to express themselves through play or creativity, which will lead to them working through any emotional or internal difficulties and previous trauma.

 Jessie Jones, Project Manager and Counsellor – Free Counselling for Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children and Young People & REACH,
[email protected]
Tel : 01792 470298